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Van bướm đông lạnh hiệu Zeco (Zeco Cryogenic Butterfly Valve)

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Van bướm đông lạnh hiệu Zeco (Zeco Cryogenic Butterfly Valve)


ZECO Valve offers a series of cryogenic valves of proven high quality, as demonstrated by technical evidence. We offer stainless steel and cast carbon steel gate, globe, check, butterfly and ball valves for processing, storage, shipment and distribution of cryogenic fluids down to -196℃.

What is a Cryogenic Butterfly Valve?

ZECO butterfly valve for cryogenic service is designed for tight shut off and throttling service. The disc movement is Triple offset .This eliminates concentrated wear points on the sealing ring and extends it’s lifetime. Standard body patterns are flanged and butt welded types. Butt welded type has extended body to prevent heat conduction to the sealing area during welding installation. An inspection door on top of the body enables easy inspection, maintenance and replacement of inner parts without the need to remove the valve or to cut the pipe. To prevent internal stress in the bonnet during the cool-down period, all bonnet joints are bolted. This bonnet is extended to ensure that the gland area remains free from freezing even for temperatures down to -196˚C. The valve can be installed with the shaft in any direction. The topflange drilling is according to ISO 5211 standards to fit a large range of gears and actuators.

Product Range of Cryogenic Butterfly Valve

  • Butterfly valve for Cryogenic Service (-196 to ~ +100 degr. C)
  • Pressure Rating : Vacuum up to 75 bar (CL 300)
  • Size: 100 mm(4 inch) up to 600 mm (24 inch)
  • Bi-directional design. Working pressure 10barg
  • With butt-welding ends or flanged ends
  • With inspection / maintenance access (side entry)
  • Double offset shaft (For tripple offset metal seated type see page 9)
  • Solid double piece shaft
  • Valve may be fitted in any orientation
  • Standard Compliance : BS 6364 Valves for cryogenic service
  • Fire Safe approved in accordance with BS 6755
  • Extended bonnet / shaft for safe access

Applications of Cryogenic Butterfly Valve

The most typical applications for the cryogenic valves are natural gas, receiving terminals for LNG, LNG trains, LNG storage, LNG carriers, etc. ZECO products are also used across a wide spectrum of industries, e.g. chemical and petrochemical, nuclear and conventional power stations, offshore and widely in the industrial gas industry.

Features of Cryogenic Butterfly Valve:

  • Cryogenic by design
    • Cryogenic Butterfly valves are specifically designed for sub-zero line temperature services. These valves handle cryogenic fluids efficiently and reliably with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Compact for better temperature control
    • The compact size of the wafer and lug style valves permits minimum temperature stabilization times on either line heat-up or cool-down.
  • Application flexibility
    • The stainless steel materials of construction provide for maximum service flexibility and media applications.
  • Designed for actuation and easy adjustment
    • Integrally welded shaft and bonnet extensions enable valve actuators to be mounted well above pipeline insulation and provides for easy adjustment of the stem packing gland pressure

Material of Cryogenic Butterfly Valve

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A351 CF3M
2 Seal Ring Graphite + SS316L
3 Retainer Flange ASTM A182 F316L
4 Pin ASTM A276 316L
5 Disc ASTM A351 CF3M
6 Stem ASTM A276 316L
7 Stem Packing Graphite
8 Stem Beating SS316L + R.TFE
9 Bolt ASTM A193 B8M
10 Nut ASTM A194 8M
11 Yoke ASTM A351 CF3M



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