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Van cầu chữ Y hiệu Zeco (Zeco Angle Globe Valve)

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Van cầu chữ Y hiệu Zeco (Zeco Angle Globe Valve)


ZECO Valve is a globe valve manufacturer that offers four types of globe valves. Our valve factory in China produces cast steel globe valves for low and high-pressure applications. ZECO Valve is also a supplier of forged steel and bellows sealed globe valves.

What is a Manual Globe Valve?

ZECO manual globe valve uses way type structure. In order to make sure about the sealing at the stem packing, use flexible graphite packing. At the same time consider that under the working conditions, cavity fluid erosion and replacement packing convenience. There was a back seal structure in the bonnet, this up-sealing face and the sealing face of the stem contact with each other, to make sure that the stem is sealing when the valve gate is open. Because ZECO manual globe valve will have flow direction requirements according to the pressure, the globe valve needs to be installed according to the flow direction requirements. The installation is the key to deciding the valve life. Improper installation of the globe valve can make the possibility of significant performance degradation, so, should confirm such points as follows before installing valves. Check the sign which shows the flow direction of globe valves, and install valves according to the flow direction.

How does a Globe Valve work?

Water faucets are the best example to show how globe valves work. Turning on the faucet means raising or lowering the stem, depending on the design. Water then comes out of the faucet. When turned to the other direction, say, turned off, the raised gate is lowered or the lowered gate is raised.

The number of turns affects the volume of water that goes out of the faucet. Similarly, by controlling the wheel of the valve, a certain volume of gas or liquid passes through the valve. A fully turned-on globe valve means the flow rate is at its maximum. On the other hand, a fully turned-off globe valve means sealing the valve.

Specifications of Globe Valves

Size ½” up to 24“ (DN 15 up to DN 600)
Pressure Rating ASME 150# to 2500#
Design Standard API 602, MESC SPE 77 / 103, BS 1873, DIN 3356, API 623
Pressure / Temperature Rating ASME B 16.34
Test (Inspection) Standard API 598, API 6D, MESC 77/103, ISO 5208, ISO15848 -1&2, BS 6364
Construction Details Bolted Bonnet / Pressure Seal Bonnet, OS & Y Type Rising Stem
End Connection Screwed, Socket Weld, Flanged, Hub End, Butt-Weld
Operator / Actuator Lever, Gear, Actuator (Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electro-Hydraulic, and Electric Motorised)
Three different types of Bonnet Structure Bolted Bonnet, Pressure seal, Bellows Seal

Features of Manual Globe Valve:

  • The disc of ZECO manual globe valve is designed to self-aligning to prevent Particles and impurities in the medium from building up inside the body;
  • The integral seat and self-aligning disc of ZECO manual globe valve ensure bubble-tight shut-off and extended seal life;
  • When ZECO globe valve is stroked open, the specially designed back seat prevents moisture and impurities from leeching into the packing;
  • The sealing surface of ZECO manual globe valve can be made of various hard sealing materials to meet the requirements of special working conditions.

Material of Manual Globe Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A351 CF8M
2 Disc ASTM A182 F316
3 Stem ASTM A276 316
4 Bonnet Gasket Graphite + SS316
5 Bonnet ASTM A351 CF8M
6 Bonnet Bolt ASTM A193 B8M
7 Bonnet Nut ASTM A194 8M
8 Stem Packing Reinforced Graphite
9 Gland ASTM A276 316
10 Gland Eyebolt ASTM A193 B8M
11 Stem Nut ASTM B148

Globe Valve Manufacturer

Reputed as one of the major Globe Valve Manufacturers, ZECO Valve acts as a premier entity catering to the necessities for a functional globe valve. ZECO Globe Valves are used within several types of machinery and industries such as steam, service, and processing pipelines. Globe valves are widely used for single-streamed flow control and work efficiently for regulating facilities.

Considerations When Buying Globe Valves

Valve Size Limitations

There is a limitation to the valve diameter because of the internal pressure of the flow media. Globe valve manufacturers limit the size to Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) 12 or Nominal Diameter (DN) 300. Beyond these ranges, when under pressure, the valves may not open or close easily.

Valve Trims

When dealing with throttling and high pressure that is beyond 200 psi, valve trims tend to fail. In situations like this, it is better to request a specialized valve trim.

P-T Rating

P-T rating refers to the rating of the highest pressure and temperature ratio the valve can handle in relation to the metal material.

As temperature increases, the capability of the body to handle pressure declines. In addition, the seat material and design determine the overall rating.

Most globe valve manufacturing companies use the overall rating dictated by ANS, ie. the body pressure rating at 100°F.

Medium Type

The medium type is one of the most important considerations when buying a globe valve. There are many kinds of media that may or may not be suitable for certain valve designs.

For example, slurries are not suitable medium as they are heavier and contain larger components that could be left behind. These, in turn, can damage the disks. Furthermore, such viscous material can create a huge pressure drop.


The medium that flows in the valve correlates with the material used in making the valve. Is the material used corrosive-resistant? How concentrated is the flow material? Will it be a flowing media condition? Or is it going to stop the media from flowing? Answers to these questions directly affect the lifespan of the valve.

Compliance With Industry Standards

By following and meeting industry standards, it maintains the integrity of the valve as well as provides safety assurance.

These would include certifications and standards given by the following:

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) American Petroleum Institute (API) The Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) of Valve Fittings



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