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Van bướm hiệu Zeco (Zeco Manual Butterfly Valve)

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Van bướm hiệu Zeco (Zeco Manual Butterfly Valve)


Manual Butterfly Valve
Description of Manual Butterfly Valve:

The ZECO butterfly valve is named after the manual operation and named according to manual operation; Manually operated butterfly valve can be handled by handle or operated by gear. Handle operated butterfly valve is usually used for small diameter butterfly valve. Due to low opening torque, operators can use handle. As for large size butterfly valve, it is difficult for the operator to open it even if it has a large opening torque. Therefore, gear operation is adopted. Gear operation reduces the opening force to a very low level through multi-stage gears.


Features of Manual Butterfly Valve:

1. ZECO manual butterfly valve in the design process, especially considered in the butterfly valve adjusting the application of this problem, make full use of the sealing principle of triple eccentric butterfly valve, did open the Angle of the design process without the missing area, thus eliminating the problems cannot adjust regional adjustment application, more ruled out the low opening case, cannot adjust normal phenomenon due to friction;

2. The design of ZECO manual butterfly valve is required wider temperature and pressure ranges, which conventional resilient seated butterfly valve can not comply, this has led to development of high performance butterfly valve or triple offset butterfly valve;

3. The shaft of ZECO manual butterfly valve is fully guided by shaft bearing & gland follower to avoid any side load due to line pressure thrust;

4. The sealing ring of ZECO manual butterfly valve is designed to be replaced, in the process of long-term use, the seat and clapper sealing surfaces inevitably damage and affect the sealing surface, and the need to maintain these problems, the usual approach is to remove the valve to replace the whole valve, such operations that cost a lot of money to buy maintenance replacement with the valve, and to wait for a long delivery process of the valve.ZECO’s replaceable valve seat and sealing ring design can be directly repaired on site when the valve needs maintenance, saving time and money.


Material of Manual Butterfly Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A351 CF8M
2 Seal Ring Graphite + SS316
3 Retainer Flange ASTM A182 F316
4 Pin ASTM A276 316
5 Disc ASTM A351 CF8M
6 Stem ASTM A276 316
7 Stem Packing Graphite
8 Stem Beating SS316 + PTFE
9 Bolt ASTM A193 B8
10 Nut ASTM A194 8
11 Yoke ASTM A216 WCB



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