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Van bướm inox hiệu Zeco (Zeco Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve)

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Van bướm inox hiệu Zeco (Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve)


Butterfly valves have a very simple working mechanism that is extremely advantageous to the applications it services. If you need to learn more about butterfly valves, ZECO Valve is a reputable butterfly valve manufacturer.

What is a Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve?

A stainless steel butterfly valve is a valve that is made of stainless steel material. Although this valve is made of steel, other internal components like seats, seals, O-rings, and gaskets can be made of different materials like plastic, rubber or other material. The type of material used to make those internal components determines the type of media and temperature the valve can be used on. SS butterfly valves made of fully metallic materials are suitable for use in both low and high temperatures because metallic materials can withstand high levels of thermal heat. Stainless steel butterfly valve manufacturers design these valves for heavy-duty and harsh conditions. As such, these valves are very strong and they can withstand high pressure and slurries flawlessly. SS butterfly valves operate manually or automatically. These valves’ operation depends on the hand wheel’s quarter turn to start or stop fluid flow. The quarter turn of the handwheel makes these valves fast operating and less tedious relative to other valves that need multiple turns to operate.

How does a Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve work?

Stainless Steel Butterfly valves have a relatively simple construction. The main components of a butterfly valve are the body, seal, disc, and stem. A typical butterfly valve has the disc positioned in the center of the connected pipe and a stem that is connected to an actuator or handle on the outside of the valve. In the closed position, the disc is perpendicular to the flow and is sealed by the valve seat. The stem is also sealed by using an o-ring. When the actuator or handle rotates the butterfly valve stem back 90 degrees, the disc moves away from the butterfly valve seat and positions itself parallel to the flow. Partial rotation allows for the flow to be throttled or proportional.

Features of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

  • ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve combines the three offsets of the seating surface with the flexibility of graphite lamination to achieve a tight and uniform seal with a low required torque;
  • The double anti blow out design of ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve satisfies API 609 and ASME B31.1 requirements through both internal and external stem retention;
  • The laminated seal rings of ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve are designed to self align and allow valves to meet zero leakage per API 598;
  • The shaft of ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve is fully guided by shaft beearing and gland follower to reduce side load due to line pressure thrust.

Applications of SS Butterfly Valves

SS Butterfly valves are often used in pharmaceutical, chemical including food industries. This valve can also be used in wastewater treatment facilities, fire protection services, and fuel handling. Generally speaking, the butterfly valve can handle large volumes and slurries.

Material of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve:

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A351 CF8
2 Seal Ring Graphite + SS304
3 Retainer Flange ASTM A182 F304
4 Pin ASTM A276 304
5 Disc ASTM A351 CF8
6 Stem ASTM A276 304
7 Stem Packing Graphite
8 Stem Beating SS304 + PTFE
9 Bolt ASTM A193 B8
10 Nut ASTM A194 8
11 Yoke ASTM A216 WCB



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