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Van bi 8" hiệu Zeco - 8 inch Ball Valve

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Van bi 8" hiệu Zeco - 8 inch Ball Valve


ZECO Valve is an industrial ball valve manufacturer & supplier in China since 1991. As a leading & professional China ball valve factory with over 30 years of API certification, our company manufactures industrial trunnion and floating ball valve designs, such as one, two, and three-piece ball valves with different materials; and also manual-operated valves including gear-operated ball valves.

What is 8 Inch Ball Valve?

8 inch ball valves are a form of shut-off valves that will control the flow of either gas or liquid. This can be done by using a rotary ball that has a bore. By turning the ball 90 degrees, the gas or liquid is blocked or allowed to flow through. They are known to provide stable sealing even when they are not used for a period of time. They also feature a longer lifespan. In addition, they have better resistance to contaminants making them a more popular choice among other valves.

ZECO 8 inch ball valve has two choices, you can choose a floating ball valve or trunnion mounted ball valve, and you can choose to cast or forge on the material. Valve casting quality is of prime importance for product life, personnel, and environmental safety, particularly in high temperature and high-pressure services as the valve serves as one of the pressure-containing equipment in a process-controlled pipeline. Thus, castings are always certified firstly by the customers requiring strictly before a valve manufacturer is pre-qualified and approved as a qualified supplier.

Dimensions & Weight of 8 Inch Ball Valve

Pressure Rating Bore  Face to Face Dimension(in mm) Weight
(in mm) RF BW RTJ kg
CLASS 150 201 457 521 470 205
CLASS 300 201 502 521 518 255
CLASS 600 201 660 660 664 390
CLASS 900 201 737 737 740 640
CLASS 1500 192 832 832 841 870
CLASS 2500 179 1022 1022 1038 1017

What is Ball Valve 8 Inch Used for?

Almost all industrial applications need protection from leaks. This is particularly important to those that require tight shut mechanisms. Such examples are the purely liquid or gaseous applications, including natural gas industries, chemical storage, and those that work with corrosive fluids. Slurries don’t work well for these valves.

Features of 8″ Ball Valve

  • ZECO 8 inch ball valve has a cavity pressure relief design. When the force created by cavity pressure is lower than the force created by line pressure, then contact between the ball and seat ring is assured to provide a tight seal; When cavity pressure is higher than seat spring force plus line pressure, the self-relieving action allows the valve seat to move slightly away from the ball surface. Therefore, any overpressure inside the body cavity is discharged into the pipeline to restore the balance between the body cavity and the pipeline (either upstream or downstream side);
  • ZECO 8 inch ball valve has an emergency sealant injection fitting design, allowing external interventions to prevent stem leakage. In the maintenance, only through the emergency grease hole can be the valve stem and seat at the sealing structure for emergency maintenance and long-term maintenance, simple and convenient;
  • ZECO 8 inch ball valve has blow-out proof stem design, a safety feature that functions to assure stem sealing at all pressure;
  • ZECO 8 inch ball valve has a backup metal-to-metal sealing design, when primary resilient-seat material is deteriorated by fire, the metal-to-metal provides shutoff.

Material of 8 Inch Ball Valve

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A105
2 Bonnet ASTM A105
3 Ball ASTM A182 F316
4 Seat ASTM A182 F316 + PTFE
5 Stem ASTM A276 316
6 Anti-static Device SS316
7 Gasket Graphite + SS316
8 Bolt ASTM A193 B7
9 Nut ASTM A194 2H
10 O-ring Viton A
11 Lever ASTM A216 WCB

China Ball Valve Manufacturer

Ball valves are fast-acting quarter-turn valves that use a rotating ball in transferring media flow through a system. Thanks to their tight shut-off feature, they are gaining significance in multiple industries. They are used in oil and gas industries, petrochemicals, power industry, pipelines, and practically any application that requires fluid shut-off.

Ball valves come in different types and have different add-ons, which can be overwhelming to take in. Also, while ball valves are mainly used for on/off applications, some types have become useful for throttling applications. All of these make it challenging to choose which ball valve type best suits your application.

Since ball valves are so complex, we have broken down all the essentials to give you a better understanding of this valve type. This guide will help you determine which ball valve will deliver you desirable results.



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