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Van bi đóng mở bằng tay hiệu Zeco - Manual Ball Valve

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Van bi đóng mở bằng tay hiệu Zeco - Manual Ball Valve


Ball valves offer very good shut-off capabilities. A simple quarter-turn (90°) completely opens or closes the valve. This characteristic minimizes valve operation time and decreases the likelihood of leakage due to wear from the gland seal.


What is a Manual Ball Valve?

ZECO manual ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Manual ball valve is mainly based on the ball valve drive is by hand wheel or handle rotation and named. Because the small diameter ball valve has low torque, it can normally be opened manually, so there is no need for turbine operation or electric actuator operation.

Features of Manual Ball Valve

  • ZECO manual ball valve switch torque is low, can be opened manually, easy to operate, open and close speed is fast, from fully open to fully open as long as 90% rotation;
  • For the sake of safety, ZECO manual ball valve with the limit switch is convenient to prevent the stem from being pushed out due to pressure during pipeline maintenance. ZECO designed the anti-blowing structure of the stem. There is a boss in the processing of the upper stem that can be stuck in the groove of the packing box and the packing can be replaced safely without worrying about personnel safety;
  • ZECO manual ball valve is made of forging materials and casting materials. Each material has been verified by ZECO design department, and material inspection, chemical analysis, and physical performance research will be carried out in the later inspection department to ensure that all parts can meet the world standard requirements and ensure long-term use by customers without worrying about quality problems;
  • ZECO manual ball valve with limit switch has the traceability of ERP system in every process of production, and every inspection data and every production data will be recorded in ZECO’s ERP system, so as to ensure that the products sent out still have replaceable parts and quality traceability after many years.
  • A ball valve is a quarter-turn valve that can control the flow of a gas or liquid through a hollow pivoting ball.
  • They are reliable, durable, offer good sealing, usable for a wide array of media, and have a long service life.
  • Understanding the differences in ball design, bore design, and materials used in a ball valve will ensure it is specified correctly for the application.
  • Ball valves are often used on water lines, low-point drains for fluids, high-point vents for gas, steam services, or gas processing applications.

Ball Valve with Limit Switch

A valve actuator limit switch is a device that is designed to provide a remote signal to the control station, also known as PLC or DCS, regarding the valve position, often open or closed.

Why do We Use Limit Switch on Manual Ball Valve?

A limit switch can be used for controlling machinery as part of a control system, as a safety interlock, or as a counter enumerating objects passing a point. Limit switches are used in a variety of applications and environments because of their ruggedness, ease of installation, and reliability of operation.

Difference Between Manual Ball Valve and Automatic Ball Valve

Manual actuation of a valve involves direct, physical contact with its hand wheel, lever or gear operator, while power automated actuation utilizes air pressure, electricity, or hydraulic pressure controlled by flow conditions, monitoring systems, or other means that do not involve physical contact with the valve.

Material of Manual Ball Valve

No Part Material
1 Body ASTM A105
2 Bonnet ASTM A105
3 Ball ASTM A105
4 Seat ASTM A105 + PTFE
5 Stem ASTM A182 F6a
6 Anti-static Device SS304
7 Gasket Graphite + SS304
8 Bolt ASTM A193 B7
9 Nut ASTM A194 2H
10 O-ring Viton A
11 Lever ASTM A216 WCB




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