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Van bi inox 3 ngã hiệu Zeco - 3 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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Van bi inox 3 ngã hiệu Zeco - 3 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve


We are offering 3 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve.

What is a 3 Way Ball Valve?

A 3-way ball valve has 3 ports, and is available in T-Port and L-Port Varieties depending on what flow pattern in required. A 3 way valve is ideal if you are looking for a way to divert and control flow without the need for a Tee and multiple valves. These valves can be used as diverters, where flow from one inlet can be diverted to either of the two outlets. They can also be used as input selector where the outlet is fed from either of the other two ports.

T-Port Ball Valve:

  • Great for mixing fluids since you can merge two inlets into a single outlet. (Also called Mixing Ball Valves)
  • The opposite flow direction is also possible which allows a single source to divert flow in two directions simultanously .
  • T-Port Ball valves can also be use to flow between just two ports, either to the left, to the right or straight though.

L-Port Ball Valve:

  • The L-port design allows you to direct flow in one direction at a time.
  • From one inlet you can direct flow into two different outlets.
  • Or from the opposite flow direction, for one outlet the user can choose from either of two inlets.

How does 3 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve work?

The L-pattern style or diverter valve makes a shift in the flow from one port to the other by rotating the handle or actuator to 90 degrees. Suppose the first position is opened by the bottom port and the left port. A quarter turn in the counter-clockwise direction causes the valve to divert the flow of the media to the right outlet. Another quarter turn in the other direction, allowing a complete rotation of 180 degrees, blocks the passage of media. A 270-turn will also obstruct the media movement. However, having a complete 360-turn enables the valve to return to its original place. In a manner, two of the three ports are available at one time. This makes it possible for the valve to have two shut-off positions and three flow choices.

The T-pattern is called a mixer valve since the media of two inlet flows can be mixed within the valve. It’s leaving the valve on the other end. In a way, all three ports can be opened at one time. The T-pattern ball valve will also act as a diverter so that it can operate in the same manner as the L-type valve. It could be achieved with a quarter-turn of the handle. T-patterns cannot have a bubble-tight shut-off, but they can restrict the flow to two ports or facilitate the passage to all three ports.

As a mixer, the T-pattern ball valve will separate the media into two opposite directions. Its design helps the T-pattern to divide the flow or simply make a straight-through flow pattern, just like the two-way ball valve. The typical port is still open for the vertically mounted T-pattern ball valve. The only way to divert the flow is by turning it a quarter turn. A 180-turn is not going to alter the flow of the media.

Advantages of 3 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve

  • Full Port for unrestricted flow
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Live-loaded Pyramidal stem seal design
  • Integrated mounting pad for actuators
  • Compact assembly
  • Complete line of accessories

Specification of 3 Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Working Pressure Up to 6000 psig (413 bar)
Temperature Range -40 to 248°F (-40 to 120°C)
Flow Coefficient 3.8 to 40
Body Material CF8M/ 316 stainless steel, alloys 6-Mo, Duplex 2507, Inconel 625, Monel Alloy 400, Incoloy 825, and Hastelloy C276
Seat Materials PEEK
End Connection BSP / NPT / RF / RTJ / SW / BW
Sizes 1/2 to 12 in.; 15 to 300 mm
Configurations On-off
All Types of 3 Way Ball Valve manufacturer
  • Full Bore Ball Valve
  • One-Piece Instrumentation Ball Valve
  • Multipurpose Ball Valve
  • Three-Piece Process Instrumentation Ball Valve
  • Trunnion Ball Valve
High Pressure 3 Way Ball Valve Pressure Rating (CWP)
  • 1000 PSI / 69 Bar
  • 400 PSI / 27.6 Bar
  • 600 PSI / 41.4 Bar
3 Way Flanged Ball Valve Pressure Rating (SWP)
  • 150 PSI / 10.3 Bar
  • 200 PSI / 13.8 Bar
3 Way Actuated Ball Valve Pressure Rating (WWP) 300 PSI / 20.7 Bar
  • Multiple handle options
  • Press leak-detection feature
  • Flanged end connections
  • Locking Lever Locking handle or manual gear operator
  • Laser Welded Threaded end connections
  • Press x press female end connections
  • Reinforced PTFE Seat Rings
Conforms to
  • MSS SP-110
  • MSS SP-145
  • CSA B125.14
  • NSF/ANSI-372
  • API-608 Anti-Static
  • CC-ES PMG-1558
  • ASME A112.4.14I
  • APMO/ANSI Z1157
  • NACE MR0175
  • API-607 Fourth Edition Fire Safe





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